Hey presto! Remove one letter from famous book titles … and they’re transformed

I adore the guys and gals at Buzzfeed.

They dish up an endless supply of amazingly cool pop culture gems they have found on the good old “interweb”, enlivening many an ordinary day.

Inspired by the #BooksWithaLetterMissing hashtag game on Twitter, one of their posts in the last week featured book covers of titles transformed by “Twitter Photoshop master @darth” and it was good … very, very good.

So in the hope I induce some literary lola-inspired guffawing, here are a few of the covers featured in the post.

You can see the full suite of just one letter left of normal book titles at the Buzzfeed post, Removing A Single Letter From The Title Of Famous Books Somehow Makes Them Even Better.


(image via buzzfeed.com – work of @redpandarth)


(image via buzzfeed.com – work of @redpandarth)


(image via buzzfeed.com – work of @redpandarth)

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