How It Should Have Ended: The Five Stages of Watching a Star Wars Movie

(image via YouTube (c) Leigh Lahav/HISHE)


Leigh Lahav is a fan’s fan.

She is as much a fan of a slew of franchises as the rest of us, and yet also has a rare, deeply-talented ability to poke fun at them in a way which is respectful but also hilariously insightful.

Take her latest effort, The Five Stages of Watching a Star Wars Movie, which any fan, and I have been one since I saw A New Hope in 1977 … in a cinema … when it wasn’t even called A New Hope (yes, I am that old, thank you) … will be entirely able to relate to and laugh it.

It beautifully details the highs and lows, the obsession and the detachment, the excitement and the exhaustion that comes from any fandom.

Laughing at yourself is healthy, and trust me, much laughter will be had … and yes, much inside knowledge shared.

May the parodying force be with you.


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