Indomation: Jurassic Park gets brilliantly wooden

(image via YouTube (c) Mason Drumm)

Through hand-built sets, custom-painted action figures and over 90 hours of painstaking animation, “Indomation” is a whimsical tribute to the filmmakers and artists who brought us the Jurassic franchise…The first stories I ever told were as a kid in the backyard with my Jurassic Park toys. Like so many others, that original film provoked my imagination and would ultimately lead me down the path to becoming a filmmaker. It’s fitting then that my first animated short film would feature Mattel’s Indoraptor figure.(synopsis via
Laughing Squid)

One of the great rewards of immersing yourself in pop culture, is discovering how it has played a part in shaping many of the amazingly-creative people who bring the movies we love to life.

One of these people is Mason Drumm, who spent seven months crafting a tribute to Jurassic Park and the people who made it and the franchise films that followed, inventing his own sense of imagination and flair into a story every bit as engaging as the one it honours.

Though the story itself is pretty scary with an Indoraptor chasing after a person with the same relentless determination that its bigger counterparts in the films display with ferocious narrative zeal, it is also a delight to watch because, quite apart from being treated to a great story, we get to see how much the franchise has meant to Drumm.

It’s a salutary lesson not to dismiss any blockbuster or piece of pop culture as less than simply because you may not like it – it’s a disease afflicting modern fandom that must be stamped out or we will be all the poorer for it – because it can mean a tremendous deal to someone else in ways you might never be able to imagine.

But almost as importantly, Indomation is just an absolute hoot and I defy not to become wholly and utterly wrapped up in it and to give thanks for the hard work and imagination of Drumm and countless others like him.

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