It takes an arachnid to crush a village: Lucas the Spider in “Giant Spider”

(image via YouTube (c) Joshua Slice)


Lucas the Spider is a sweetheart.

True in the latest adventure from creator/animator Joshua Slice, Lucas, who is voiced by Slice’s nephew, he upends the lives of some fair wooden folk who he charmingly calls in on in the kind of sing-songy way people in musicals are wont to do, but he means no harm.

In fact, his visit is the various antithesis of mean-spirited and nasty and even when things don’t go quite as joyously as he expects, he is enormously regretful and sweet in a way that most destructive giants don’t tend to be. (Think the oafish giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and know that darling, lovely, inquisitive Lucas is nothing like that.

In this typically whimsical adventure into the material minutiae of our lives, that are, it should be noted, as magical to Lucas as they are to most children, we see him at his accidental worst and intentional best, confirming yet again why he is loveable and a joy to hang out with, no matter the havoc he wreaks.


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