It’s incraftable! Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman host new show Making It

(image via YouTube (c) NBC)


I am not an enthusiastic fan of baking/cooking/crafting/bedazzling reality TV shows.

In fact, I’m not a fan at all.

But, and this is a most crucial and highly-conditional but, if such a show were to be hosted by the god-like comedic talents of Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, both of Parks and Recreation fame, then I would seriously consider watching said show.

Oh who am I kidding? Of course I’d watch it!

This is why, come July, I will be awaiting the first episode of Making It where talented crafters will be set tasks by the creative twosome in a fabric-wood-and-metal Hunger Games of fun and creativity.

Incraftable? You bet! Start hammering and sewing people … your comedian hosts and craft enthusiasts need you!


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