J.R.R. Tolkien vs George R.R. Martin: Epic rap battle over whose king of the fantasy mountain

George R R Martin and J R R Tolkien go head to head in a fantasy rap battle (Image via YouTube (c) ERB)
George R R Martin and J R R Tolkien go head to head in a fantasy rap battle (Image via YouTube (c) ERB)


Who is the greatest fantasy storyteller of them all hmmm?

That is the great conundrum of the latest instalment from Epic Rap Battles of History which pits the revered writer of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien against HBO’s wunderkind darling George R. R. Martin.

Each has their own claims to fame but you could well argue that Tolkien started the whole modern fantasy ball rolling and that all Martin has done is take, uh, “inspiration” from his antecedents voluminous books.

Or you could well counter argue that Martin took things to a whole new gritty level that gives a whole new meaning to realistic.

Or … well you could go on and on, arguing and counter-arguing, which Martin and Tolkien’s doppelgangers do in gloriously street poetic fashion, some of which Hypable has nicely captured:

“George R.R. Martin starts out strong… but then it’s Tolkien’s turn, and his retaliation is epic.

“Not only did Martin totally steal Tolkien’s ‘R.R.’, but the whole character death thing? Tolkien is just not impressed. It’s fantasy, George, it’s supposed to be unrealistic!

“And Tolkien gets the micdrop moment: ‘Every time I battle it’s Return of the King.'”

Can either man, both of whom are inordinately talented and both of whom have given so much to the fantasy genre and their fans, really be declared the winner?

Ah you get to decide that as these two literary giants rap away!


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