Justice is served: Short film “Villainous” reveals the fate of comic book baddies

(image via laughing squid.com (c) Paul Constantakis)


Oh the sweet power of a tale tautly and imaginatively told.

Villainous is a remarkable short film I came across via laughing squid.com, made by talented filmmaker Paul Constantakis, who wrote and directed this visually delightful and powerful story.

In three far-too-short minutes – not that the story is under told; I simply wish it could have gone on forever – according to laughingsquid.com, “a little boy’s evil collection of comic book action figures being brought to justice.”

The wordless story is accompanied by pitch perfect quietly epic-sounding music, and a breathtakingly poet visual eye that sees the aftereffects of justice being served by a particularly busy superhero toy.

It is everything a film should be, and marks Paul Constantakis as a rare talent worth watching closely.

For now though I am content to simply hit repeat on this beautifully simple tale.


Villainous from Paul Constantakis on Vimeo.

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