Let’s be honest! More telling-it-like-it-is movie posters from College Humor

(image courtesy College Humor)


Even though the marketing departments of the various movie studios would never admit to such a thing, there’s all kinds of hyped-up porkies being told in every movie campaign.

Trailers are edited, posters designed and and in-person interviews stacked to the rafters with pertinent talking points, all with the aim of ensuring we go and see the movie in question.

Fair enough too I guess – they’ve made it and now they want us to see it!

College Humor, however, dares to push the hype envelope, releasing a series of posters every month that gleefully and pithily call out the emperor’s wearing of his new cinematic marketing clothes, to the delight of us all.


(image courtesy College Humor)


(image courtesy College Humor)


(image courtesy College Humor)

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