Let’s have some fun, yes fun, with The Walking Dead

RIP Violet the pig (died in Season 4 opening episode “30 Days Without an Accident”) who may more of a harbinger of doom than anyone realises (c) AMC


OK I get it.

Desperately fighting for your life in the midst of a zombie apocalypse is not exactly a whole lotta fun.

If you’ve not scrabbling to get away from ravenous chompers, you’re keeping one eye cocked on your fellow humans, who may or may not have your best interests at heart, which leaves precious little time for ferris wheel riding, macrame (trust me it’s enormously soothing) or just plain old-fashioned belly laughing.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of mirth and merriment in between all the screaming, yelling and katana-wielding.

Well, at least if you watching it all happen, safe on your walker-less couch, you can.

The inspired folks at Screen Junkies, recognising that everyone needs a guffaw or two, even in the midst of the first half of The Walking Dead season 4, have come up with an Honest Trailer for the show which playfully and affectionately mocks the show, which let’s be honest, much as I love it, can be gloriously over the top at times (which is after all the nature of the zombie beast).



* I am very much of the school of thought that you can love something to bits and still have some at its expense. After all families do it all the time. Why not TV show viewers and the show they love?

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