Living big in a tiny house: One couple turns a WW2 rail car into a cosy magical home

(image courtesy Living Big in a Tiny House official Instagram account)

In an age where houses seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and the blocks on which they sit, like an adult trying to squeeze onto a kindergartner’s seat, smaller and smaller, it’s refreshing to see a host of varied people bucking the trend.

This can be for a variety of reasons, from financial to ecological to philosophical but the end result is the same: small houses that rather cleverly manage to include a surprising number of features you may not think could fit in a house that little.

Living Big in a Tiny House, presented by Bryce Langston, regularly features these types of home and in this particular episode, which really captured my heart, he catches up with “Dan Huling and Annabel Reader of Colorado Shoe School to explore the incredible World War II railroad car that they transformed into an amazing tiny house.” (Laughing Squid)

It’s a fascinating look, not just at the home itself but also at what motivates someone to create and live in a house that defies the usual adage that big is better.

Living Big in a Tiny House screens on YouTube. (You can also become a Patreon sponsor of Bryce Langston)

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