Look closely! Tiny Creatures is coming to Netflix

(image via YouTube (c) Netflix)

Tiny Creatures magnifies some of the world’s smallest wildlife, finding that bigger isn’t always better. In every episode, immerse yourself in a different ecosystem and see the drama that unfolds right at our very feet. The docu-series is narrated by Mike Colter and directed by Emmy-winning cinematographer Jonathan Jones (Planet Earth II). (synopsis via YouTube (c) Netflix)

Bigger isn’t always better.

That’s a sage observation in almost every sphere of life but even more so in nature where the spectacular bigness of dinosaurs and whales and elephants and a host of other large animals have conditioned to think that nature is at its most impressive when it’s HUGE.

Not so fast – as Tiny Creatures beautifully explores, some of the most amazing parts of the natural world come in the smallest packages whether that’s a small lizard or a rat or a scorpion.

As someone who has seen an unending number of nature documentaries, through childhood into adulthood, there is something about this upcoming offering from Netflix that feel wholly refreshing and original.

It’ll be worth watching for sure – just what where you step will you?

Tiny Creatures premieres on 7 August.

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