Lost in the woods? Let Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods hilariously teach you how to survive

(image (c) GQ magazine)


We took Silicon Valley’s awkward mother hen into the wild, dressed him in the splurgiest tech wear, and learned how to be men. ( (c) GQ magazine)

Zach Woods is one on my favourite actors.

A master of comic timing, his deadpan delivery, suffused with sweetness and quip-ready bleakness in equal measure, is one of the many things that makes HBO’s Silicon Valley such a joy to watch.

Turns out he’s just as funny and as much of a delight in person as GQ’s Lauren Larson discovered when she interviewed him for her fascinatingly informative article “Zach Woods in the Woods”.

The interview is joy to read as is the accompanying spoof video which gives you some idea of what Bear Grylls might be like if he had a sense of humour and a willingness to drink stagnant water and scream obscenities at fish-obsessed bears.

Watch this and laugh and whatever you do, don’t out in the woods today, regardless of the lure of teddy bear picnics and the like …

(source: Laughing Squid)


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