Making a Nuclear Plant From String and a Tin Can

I am pretty sure you can’t really do that, but McGyver can!

Home from work today recuperating from all the crazy dental work I had done yesterday, I switched on GO! while I ate my scrambled eggs and pudding (not together, although possibly not completely gross), and while I dismantled my Christmas tree, I watched an entire episode of McGyver. I had a ball! Yes, the plot was threadbare, the escapes ridiculously easy, and the way McGyver escaped an entire pursuing army with slight of hand and tricks was verging on the very, very silly but I didn’t care one bit. It was fun, escapists TV, something the 80s did very well. It may not have been as highbrow and clever as the current crop of HBO and HBO-like dramas, many of which I enjoy, but it was enjoyable, forget-the-world TV and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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