Mary Poppins quits! Funny or Die and Kristen Bell have fun with P. L. Travers iconic character

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

It won’t be immediately obvious from Disney’s 1964 classic Mary Poppins, although Julie Andrews is no pushover in the role, but P. L. Travers much-loved creation is quite the no-nonsense nanny.

Caring and dedicated to the welfare of her charges she may be, but she also not inclined to suffer fools gladly, runs a very tight ship and won’t stand for impudence or a lack of fundamental common sense.

Those facets are on full gloriously-entertaining display in the recent Mary Poppins Returns and, of course, in the books by P. L. Travers but Funny or Die have decided, as is their endlessly-funny wont to take things just that little bit further.

I give you therefore Kristen Bell in full Poppins mode, explaining in song naturally, why she isn’t paid nearly enough to do what she does.

There’s calls for living wage fairness, snappy lyrical play and some humour so cuttingly-hilarious, you will glory in the take-no-prisoners wonderfulness of Mary Poppins all over again.

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