Matrix re-imagined: “It’s an 8 bit world, Mr Anderson”

(image via c|net (c) Cinefix)
(image via c|net (c) Cinefix)


Sequels aside – waaaaay inside if you please, like somewhere around Alpha Centauri will do if anyone is heading that way – The Matrix trilogy is the Wachowskis gift to the world primarily because the first film, which began our most excellent adventures with Neo, is indisputably one of the best science fiction movies ever.

It looks epics, feels epic and the intense but emotionally-evocative narrative takes place in such a strongly-drawn world that you could reach out and touch it.

Assuming of course that what you were touching was real and not, you know, The Matrix (mmm taste the steak!).

Regardless of whether you take the blue pill or the red pill, one thing is certain – CineFix’s latest 8 bit video game-rendered masterpiece is a skillfully-executed and utterly beguiling homage to The Matrix, taking you, in c|net‘s words from:

“… from the moment Neo decides to take the red pill to his recovery from being blasted with dozens of bullets and realizing his true power. He stops to see the Oracle along the way, and gets into some pretty epic battles with agents and soldiers. And, of course, there’s some good bullet-bending action as well.”

It’s a brilliant way to re-live the ascendant of Neo from ignorant inhabitant to mindful hero and glory again in what a powerfully moving and powerful story The Matrix actually is.

Oh and don’t forget … “There is no spoon”.


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