Merry fiery Christmas! John Lewis/Waitrose introduces us to Edgar the Dragon

(image via YouTube (c) John Lewis/Waitrose)

John Lewis is counting on an excitable baby dragon called Edgar to put some heat under sales this Christmas in its first joint festive advert with the retailer’s sister chain, Waitrose. The campaign is fronted by a 10-year-old actor called Ruby, who had to act alongside a stick or plastic model in place of the animated Edgar, who was created using CGI.
(synopsis via YouTube (c) Guardian News)

I’m not sure what it is with me and Christmas ads for British retail establishments but suffice to say, I love them.

They are for a start a MILLION times better than anything that Australia offers; the Christmas ads here are utilitarian at best and lack that heart-tugging loveliness that British ads seem to possess in multitudinous abundance.

Exhibit B for 2019 – ASDA beat them to it and lord did this ad give me the warm-and-fuzzies, especially coming as it did hard on the heels of my Mum’s death – is the ad for John Lewis, an annual event that signals Christmas is here and then some.

Broadcast to advertise the festive offerings of the British department store and its sister chain Waitrose, a supermarket chain, the ad, complete with a soundtrack courtesy of Dan Smith’s cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, introduces to Edgar the Dragon who LOVES Christmas but is altogether too ill-equipped to deal with his fiery reactions to the most wonderful time of the year.

Yes, I know John Lewis/Waitrose is trying to sell people things but lordy what a heartwarmingly festive way to do it!

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