Monsters real and imagined: I Kill Giants trailer

(image courtesy IMP Awards) (added 15/2/2018)


Barbara Thorson is your new hero. A quick-witted, sharp-tongued middle-schooler who isn’t afraid of anything. As the only girl in school carrying an ancient Norse Warhammer in her purse and killing giants for a living, why wouldn’t she be? I Kill Giants is the sweeping, bittersweet story of a young girl struggling to conquer monsters both real and imagined as her world crumbles at the feet of giants bigger than any one child can handle. (synopsis via Monkeys Fighting Robots)

Life as we all know doesn’t play fair.

And sadly it doesn’t discriminate based on age. (As someone mercilessly teased all through school, I am painfully aware of that nasty truth.)

So how do you deal with the slings and arrows of existential misfortune when you’re just a kid and don’t have the tools to respond to it adequately or at all? (Let’s face it – that applies to just as many adults sadly.)

Well you can either cave in and cower, or like Barbara Thorson you can take the giants on and kill them, a storyline that has powered the amazing Image Comics series by Joe Kelly and J. M. Ken Niimura and now sits at the poignant heart of a new movie by Anders Walters.

It looks powerful, real and true, and a whole lot fantastical, testament to the way life, though very real and often very painful, also exists in places of great imagination, richness and prevailing connections with others.

I Kill Giants opens 23 March in USA in theatres and VOD.


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