Movie review: Morning Glory #StGeorgeOpenAir

This is a fun movie (Open Air Cinema, 17 February 2011).
No, it won’t win Oscars, and doesn’t canvas any great social issues – unless you consider fragile egos, and media vacuousness to be crushing issues that are about to doom society as we know it; although watching some of the tabloid schlock that passes for news these days makes you wonder if one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse isn’t employed by Murdoch et al – but it does look at the issue of media identities, ratings, work/life balance, and what really matters in life in an amusing way with lots of witty banter.
It won’t change the world but it will make you laugh…. and it will make you eternally glad you don’t work in breakfast television. Watching it is bad enough but working in it looks even worse! But in the hands of Rachel McAdams et al, funny, very funny.

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