Movies in a hurry! Movie pictograms from H57

E.T. (image via


My lord there are some enormously creative, visionary people out there!

Take Gianmarco Milesi and Matteo Civaschi from design studio H57 in Milan, Italy and the authors of lifeinfiveseconds) who have gained themselves quite a following with their imaginative Star Wars typography posters.

I discovered their work on the amazing site which is where, in their own words, “where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.”

You have to check out the site for all manner of wonderful things that will enthrall and beguile you.

What grabbed my attention though was these amazing movie posters which distill movies down to their basic story lines with an elegance and simplicity, and more than little humour which was the intention as Matteo Civaschi told

“Squeezing all of these things into a few icons is fun. In the case of particularly long movies or sagas (like The Lord of the Rings), the final result is even funnier.”

Hope you enjoy these posters and seeing your favourite movies in a totally different light.


Lord of the Rings (image via


The Matrix (image via


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