My new favourite Coldplay songs!

I adore Coldplay!

I know some hip snobsters sneer at their mainstream-ness but being the sort of person that rejects snobbery in any and every form, and abhors people who elevate high art over low art – arbitary subjective delineations if ever there was some! – but I love their sense of melody, commitment to intelligent songs and the fact that they are genuinely nice guys committed to ethical and just causes….

……… and thank the musical gods, they have new songs – Major Minus, Cartoon Heart, Hurts Like Heaven, Princess of China and Us Against The World – and while they’re not officially released on an album till November/December this year, they are on YouTube in the form of clips shot at a German music festival recently. My favourites? Cartoon Heart and Major Minus so far but it’s early days yet and I am a sucker for Coldplay’s big emotional ballads.

Oh hell, let’s be honest, they’re all good, and you can’t help but love them! Enjoy!    (Cartoon Heart)  (Us Against the World)   (Major Minus)   (Princess of China)  (Hurts Like Heaven)

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