Need a Finding Nemo refresher before Finding Dory arrives? Here’s an emoji recap

(image via YouTube (c) Disney)
(image via YouTube (c) Disney)


Finding Dory is almost upon us folks.

Yes good old Finding Dory which is … um … what was I saying? Oh yes … Finding Dory is almost upon us folks and …

Goodness you could make Dory-like forgetful jokes all day couldn’t you? But guessing peoples’ sense of humour would run out long before the schtick runs its course.

So to the matter at hand.

If you want a quick refresher before seeing Pixar’s latest monster hit and time is of the essence, you might consider watching Disney’s latest emoji recap masterpiece Finding Nemo which retells this charming story of love and belonging quickly and in the most charming, cute way possible.

It’s the latest in a string of imaginatively-thought out emoji movie recaps, proving that they have a home way beyond texting and social media.

They might even help you find your lost fishy son … you know assuming you have one and have lost him …

Finding Dory opens 16 June in Australia and 17 June in USA.


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