New crews, new worlds: Star Trek’s big vision of space is coming back to the small screen

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We’re boldly going places we’ve never gone before AGAIN!

Yes, granted Star Trek never really went away, its absence on the small screen made up for, in part at least, by a series of movies on the big screen, the latest of which Star Trek: Beyond enters theatres this coming July.

But TV is where Gene Roddenberry’s grand vision of a utopian future, and TV is arguably where it finds its more pure, engaging expression, and TV is thankfully where the franchise is returning thanks to CBS.

It will premiere on the network’s digital All Access platform in early 2017, and while we don’t have a whole lot to go on, beyond the promise of “New crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New worlds”, the new teaser trailer is an intoxicating promise of things to come.

Adding to that briefest of allures is the fact that there is some pretty impressive talent behind this small screen return, according to the Independent:

“The new series comes courtesy of Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, 2009’s Star Trek movie writer Alex Kurtzman, and Eugene Roddenberry, son of original Star Trek creator Gene.”

This promises a bold new approach to the show – Fuller is nothing if not daringly imaginative – with the very real possibility that the show won’t focus on just one crew but many, extending the narrative palette considerably.

And yes boldly taking us to places we’ll only be to go to, hopefully for many years to come.


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