Norman Reedus fights for breath in Robert Kirkman’s Air (trailer + poster)

(image via IGN)
(image via IGN)


Air follows two caretakers of a facility specifically set-up to deal with the fact Earth atmosphere is all but destroyed. They’re humanity’s last hope as they release cryogenically frozen personnel from the underground bunker to test out what they believe to be the last habitable place on the planet.

Two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou and Sandrine Holt co-star in the film co-written and directed by Christian Cantamessa who also with Chris Pasetto on the screenplay. (synopsis via Screen Relish)

Ah humanity.

The universe gifts us a verdant expanse in the midst of the cold barrenness of space and our response is to use it, exploit, and otherwise run into the ground until it’s pretty much too late.

Well, not just yet it isn’t but if you heed the sage words of climate scientists, ecologists and conservationists, it won’t be too long before the ticking hand of fate is at 1 minute to midnight and we will be almost out of time.

Air, a film by the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and starring one of the show’s leading actors, Norman Reedus takes a frightening look at what happens when humanity, asleep on its survival watch, lets the clock go ticking well past midnight where extinction is all but inevitable.

It’s all down to a string of facilities, a relative handful of snap frozen scientists and engineers – once again they fail to take the writers along which means of course we’re pretty much screwed; but we knew that already didn’t we? – and the tenacity of those people left to shepherd the cryogenically-preserved remnants of humanity to a hopeful new future.

But as is the way of these things, someone out there, or in there, doesn’t want humanity to survive, or at least not this particular remnant, leaving Reedus and Hounsou’s characters to figure out who’s up to no good before there is no one left alive to care.

Gripping, edging, claustrophobic drama that doesn’t look it’s going to come with a happy ending … or any more time on the clock.


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