Not so cute after all huh? The Minions get an honest trailer


(image via YouTube/SCreen Junkies)
(image via YouTube/SCreen Junkies)


Awww the Minions are so cute aren’t they?

Well yes, yes they are and deservedly so what with their cute rotund shapes, their banana-yellow colouring, cute pack mentality and gibberish that sounds like a mix of baby’s first words and how you imagine your cat or dog might speak to you if it could.

But they’re also capable of pretty high body counts and as the latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies probably rightly alleges, are perhaps best enjoyed in small background doses such as in the two Despicable Me movies where they were the support act for supervillain Gru (a role they really should have been limited to if you believe the honest trailer, and of course we do).

This hilarious parody trailer ponders why a Minions origin movie doesn’t actually tell us where they came from or why their language is so unique or well, pretty much anything about them other than they exist, love serving bad guys and must say the word “BANANA” two to three hundred times a day.

Not only that but what kind of lesson are they teaching impressionable kids? Unquestioningly obey authority, mindless following and shooting at cops is OK.

What what?! OK it’s not quite as bad as it sounds – um, yeah it is – and it’s hilariously funny as always to laugh along with Screen Junkies bang-on observations that something so cute can be so deadly and so crass a marketing exercise.

But the Minions are still cute right? Right? Hmmm …


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