Off he goes! All the times Rick went rogue #RickandMorty

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Part of what makes Rick who he is, is by doing whatever he wants when he wants. Here are all the times Rick went rogue in Rick and Morty! (synopsis (c) GameSpot Universe)

Let’s face it – apart from the clever writing, outrageously imaginative stories, gobsmackingly creative world-building and eye-catchingly good visuals, what really makes Rick and Morty such a thrill to watch, not to mention lots of crazy fun, is when Rick, who gives a flying f**k Rick, goes totally and utterly rogue.

Like full-on, apologise to no one, get the job done, fix the mess in whatever way works rogue.

Which, be honest, is pretty much all the time!

Drop a bomb on everyone? Rogue. Subjects the Vindicators to a Saw-like reckoning? Most definitely rogue! Wreaks havoc at the Council of Ricks? As rogue as you can drunkenly get.

It’s a joy watching Rick’s off the charts whatever approach to every situation in life, whether terrestrial, or more than usually not, antics in one video, and who knows, you may be tempted to go rogue a little more often yourself

After all, life is too short and who really wants a customs scan all the way up their butt?


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