OMG Clean Out My Ear Drums Please

It is not often that I hear a song and take an instant and enduring dislike to it, but yesterday while listening to the radio in the variety store at Wynyard Train Station (buying birthday candles if you must know!), I finally heard the Black Eyes Peas’ song, The Time, which has been lambasted by every critic I have read as trite, awful, unimaginative pop. Now I am inclined to always give anyone and anything the benefit of the doubt being the generally sunny, upbeat guy that I am, but almost immediately, I could see why this song, despite doing well on the charts, is so universally, profoundly loathed. It lacked any real cohesion, sense of fun, actual voices (enough with the freakin’ auto tune already… like anything, less equals more!), or melodic reason for being and frankly if I never hear this song again, it will be too soon.



If ever we need an exhibit for ‘They Sold Their Creative Souls to Make a Buck’, this will be Exhibit A on a pedestal backlit by roaring halogens. What an ugly, messy song and what a sorry state this once funky imaginative, hip hop group has fallen into. Avoid this song at all costs!


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