On the third day of Christmas, I festively butchered innumerable TV catchphrases

Keeping very much with the Christmas spirit, I decided to grab some well known TV catchphrases and give them a festive makeover.

Alas the hashtag #tvcatchphrasesmadexmasy didn’t trend at all on Twitter where they were first transmitted, so clearly the idea only amused me.

Hopefully someone else will find a small tee-hee moment somewhere in the list (the list of TV shows is at the bottom)…

1. “Holy tinsel bombs Batman!”

2. “Missed the chimney by THAT much.”

3. “The same thing we do every year Rudolph… Try to deliver presents all over the world!”

4. “Oh my god! They killed Rudolph!”

5. “Bite my shiny metal sleigh!”

6. “Da tree, boss, da tree!”

7. “Santa! Suit up!”

8. “And I would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling elves!”

9. “Watcha talking about Santa?”

10. “Wrap ’em Danno!”

11. “Who loves ya Santa?

12. “So what don’t you like about your present?”

13. “Dumbelf.”

14. “No presents for you!”

15. “What’s up Donner?”

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