On ya bike! TV and movie-image rich PSA encourages us to ditch our cars

(image courtesy of Disney)


This an unbranded PSA for bike advocates and enthusiasts, content designed for anyone and everyone to share, remix, or tailor for their own purposes to promote cycling and transportation choices in their communities. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Unless you’re not paying attention at all, or have a twisted love or or vested in fossil fuels and clunky heavy bits of driveable metal, it’s clear our planet is in trouble and needs all the help it can get.

Plus we’re all socially ending up more divided, isolated and polarised than ever and cycling around,and so seeing your neighbours face-to-face can only ever be a good thing.

Cue this wonderful ad, which draws on all kinds of TV shows and movies, as diverse as Dumb and Dumber, Call the Midwife and A Beautiful Life to remind us of the many virtues and rewards of heading on two wheels and not four.

On ya bake then and have a fun time rediscovering the world … and who knows, Kermit may even join you for a ride!


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2 thoughts on “On ya bike! TV and movie-image rich PSA encourages us to ditch our cars

    1. I would too. Sydney is too scary traffic-wise to bike in – time to move to the country or a smaller town 🙂

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