First impressions: "Alcatraz"

Alcatraz could well be the most perfect conspiracy show to come along in years.  It has, as you’d expect in a show like this, dark overtones of paranoia and mistrust, and yet it remains in full possession of its humanity at the same time. That it does so is largely due Continue Reading

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Review: "The Artist"

The Artist is one of the best movies I think I have ever seen. Granted, that is always a risky thing to say since I will no sooner declare that and another immensely creative, well-acted, beautifully shot and realised movie will come along and I will be in love all Continue Reading

First impressions: "Suburgatory"

There is hell, and then, as this show posits, there is Suburgatory. It is a name so perfectly apt, I desperately wish I had come up with myself. Along with the overly-manicured setting, Stepford Wives-like personalities, and the preternaturally clever teens who trade sophisticated witty lines like they imbibed dictionaries, Continue Reading

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"Locked By Land" – Jinja Safari

Is there such a genre, in this ever more musically fragmented world, as Rastafarian-Funk-Tribal? Because if there is, then Jinja Safari should own it hands down. Not that that is the dominant sound on this wholly unique album. It also possesses some Bon Iver dreaminess, or the folk sensibilities of Continue Reading


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