Albums covers you would rather forget

So I thought this might be a fun way to start the year! I have lots of great ideas for very cool topics, and while those percolate away, in the interim, I thought you’d enjoy checking out album covers of people with unique ideas on how to sell a record.

I love my Scandinavian pop!

It’s 1976, and along with the rest of Australia I had fallen hopelessly, irrevocably (in my case anyway) in love with Swedish superstars ABBA. I loved how they looked, how they talked (with that delightful clipped accent), and most of all, of course, I loved their crisp, bright pop melodies, Continue Reading

Once upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is, quite simply, brilliant. I had high hopes for this show which seemed to promise LOST-like intrigue with a postmodern take on fairytales, and it has delivered in spades. It bounces back and forth between the fairy tale characters as we know and love them, and Continue Reading

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On the twelfth day of Christmas… I watched this year’s Warehouse 13 episode "The Greatest Gift"

What a fantastically fun episode! If there’s one thing that a Warehouse 13 episode deliver in spades normally it’s fun. But how much more fun that even those stellar heights was this episode that managed to be heartwarming, comic, and seriously reality-threatening all at once. There’s was just enough schmaltz Continue Reading


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