Perhaps you can judge a book by its cover after all

The wisdom of that age-old adage remains as true today as the day it leapt into popular use sometime in the early Twentieth Century.

We all readily acknowledge that making a judgement on the worth of anything by external appearances only means that we could well miss out on something precious that could add value to our lives.

However, while we may think that, the truth remains that we are, by and large, visual beings. No matter how much we might believe that something is going to be of benefit, we may be dissuaded from reading it/watching it/experiencing it if the cover leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why marketers go to so much trouble to make every book look as appealing as they can. They know they need to appeal to us as quickly as they can, especially in today’s snap judgement, time poor world.

So you have to wonder exactly what the marketing departments of the publishing companies who released these gems to a clamouring public were thinking… or not.

(Thanks to Roberto Damante of Sobadsogood for making sure these gems weren’t consigned to the dustbin of history.)

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