Quick peek! “Iron Man 3”

(image via collider.com)


I will be honest.

While I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers, Thor and the previous two Iron Man films, I am not the sort of guy who avidly looks forward to superhero movies.

Yes, positively shocking I know.

Having said that, the next instalment, due in April 2013, and starring Robert Downey Jr as the titular hero and Gwyneth Paltrow as his partner, Pepper Potts, looks positively amazing with a definite “WOW!” factor.

I think I shall add it to the calendar now … and yes watch the trailer again …



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2 thoughts on “Quick peek! “Iron Man 3”

    1. Me too! As I said in the post, it’s rare that happens with a superhero movie but man this has the goods!

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