Rap like an Animal: The Muppets want to know “So What’cha Want”?

Animal, Swedish Chef and Beaker channel their inner Beastie Boys (image via YouTube)
Animal, Swedish Chef and Beaker channel their inner Beastie Boys (image via YouTube)


If The Muppets, in all their glorious sweet hearted hilarious lunacy have taught us anything, apart from the fact that a good aggro drum soul is de rigeur for any song (thank you Animal), it’s that there is nothing they cannot do.


They have performed in an old time Vaudevillian variety show (The Muppet Show), escaped from a Russian gulag while confounding the nefarious plans of an evil Kermit-doppelgänger (Muppets Most Wanted), given a Dickens classic their own delightful twist (A Muppet Christmas Carol), driven cross country, and become power players in the fickle world of Hollywood.

And now after appearing with the likes of OK Go, Weezer and Rachel Yamagato, and paying tribute to Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody (for which they deservedly won two Webby Awards), they have proven they can cover songs any song they like with an inspired take on The Beastie Boys’ classic track “So What’cha Want”.

Here’s to Animal, the Swedish Chef and Beaker “performing” the song in a cleverly-realised music video that gives us all a smile after a rough week in which we lost Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, and reminds us, as if we needed reminding that there is nothing The Muppets cannot do!



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