Read me a vivid picture: Books as arrestingly beautiful art

(image via Instagram (c) Elizabeth Sagan)


There is a poetry and beauty to books and bookreading – every single novel you dive into is a journey into new worlds, a meeting with new people and a rush into hitherto-unheard stories, all shaped by the artistry of the author’s words.

“Bookstagrammer” Elizabeth Sagan, has given this intangible but very real part of reading physical form (beyond the books themselves, of course) by arranging her colourful of wildly-colourful, giddily-vivid books into artforms all their won, granting herself a staring role in the process.

The result is captivating, a mesmerisingly-beautiful effort that Sagan has created in tandem with good friend James Trevino whose own efforts are every bit as wonderful and magical.

As Bored Panda, which has featured both Sagan and Trevino on its site notes, the creation of these literary wonders taken physical form is a journey in and of itself, much like the stories contained within:

“It all began with sharing her favorite reads, then interactive shots with a bookcase. As she became more and more involved with the idea, photos got steadily more complex and creative. Today she creates intricate and inspiring artwork from her massive collection of books.”

See more of Sagan’s imaginative work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


(image via Instagram (c) Elizabeth Sagan)


(image via Instagram (c) Elizabeth Sagan)


(image via Instagram (c) Elizabeth Sagan)


(image via Instagram (c) Elizabeth Sagan)

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