R’ha: the future of sci-fi greatness

An image of the alien from amazing new short film R’ha (image via latino-review.com)


There’s a huge amount of buzz on the interweb today about a little six minute sci-fi film from an aspiring German film director, and not without good cause.

It is, quite simply, amazing.

Made over seven months and drawing from established sci-fi properties like Terminator and Battlestar Galactica without being wholly derivative of either, 23 year old Kaleb Lechowski has crafted an engaging mini-movie that is so engrossing I was wishing there was a sequel waiting on Vimeo for me to view immediately.

(Check out this link to see how he did what he did.)

Alas there isn’t – at least not yet anyway – but given his talent for storytelling (into which he seamlessly weaves issues such as the use of torture, which is euphemistically referred as “motivation protocol”), visualisation and the ability to imagine a fully-formed world and mythos to go with it, and the fact that he already has representation in Hollywood (via Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers at IAM Entertainment), I suspect it won’t be long before we hear more from this remarkable young man.

In the meantime, enjoy this remarkably good short film and dream of what yet come.


R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.


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