Selina swaps VPOTUS for POTUS in HBO’s teaser trailer for Veep season 4

Selina in full flight (image via YouTube (c) HBO)
Selina in full flight (image via YouTube (c) HBO)


Where we left Veep at the end of season 3
The episode, and season, conclude with no joy and little meaningful resolution, which is exactly how Veep, a show that’s at its best when its characters’ situations are at their most dire, should end. Selina’s struggling in the primaries. The staff’s White House honeymoons are over. Iran is mad. Any trace of the bliss that had Amy so worried is gone, washed away by 25 minutes of steady, thrilling micturition. On the heels of episode 9’s rosiness, that’s a great relief. (source: EW)

Selina Meyer as President of the United States?

You’d better believe it!

A politician whose deeply-held beliefs and guiding principles are always as fresh as today’s polls – not for nothing did HBO use the tagline “Boldly running for President. Proudly standing for everything” for the show on one poster – Selina ascended to the hallowed post of President of the United States in the penultimate episode of Veep season 3 “Crate” (after the President resigned to tend to his ailing wife) and the promptly had it all go slightly afoul, as is the way of the show, in the finale “New Hampshire”.

The teaser trailer for season 4 doesn’t give us more than 20 seconds of Selina glad-handing her way through a crowd as a suitably stentorian voice intones “Mr Speaker, the President of the United States”, her laugh, as cacophonously happy-fake as they come, ringing loud and true, meaning can’t really get a view on what fresh karmic hell awaits her and her team.

But suffice to say, whatever happens in Selina’s bid to be re-elected to what could be the shortest Presidency in US history – what EW gleefully called “a Snapchat presidency” – will not be pretty and fodder for all manner of robustly amusing comedy.

Bring on Selina as POTUS I say and let the karmic chips fall where they may!

Veep returns for season 4 on 12 April (along with Silicon Valley season 2 and Game of Thrones season 5) 


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