Simba! The Lion King gets an inspired cartoon recap

(image via YouTube (c) Cas van de Pol)

Apparently, The Lion King is a big thing.

Everyone supposedly LOVES the original 1994 animated version and adores the 2019 completely unnecessary live action remake – they must do; it’s taken in over $1 billion worldwide – and so, The Lion King is close to becoming the biggest animated film EVER.

In the middle of all this loved-upeddness, stand I, a man who loves almost all animated feature films (and many of the TV ones too) and yet who, despite seeing it twice in the cinema on its initial release in 1994, is utterly unmoved by the film.

On paper, I should be. It’s a touching beautiful film (even if it does have a great many similarities to Kimba the White Lion, one of the iconic animated shows of my childhood) and it MEANS something, it has a MESSAGE.

Yet it leaves me, a man of abundant emotional reactions – I cry during moving commercials for goodness sake – utterly unmoved which is why the fact that there’s now an hilarious 90-second summation of the film is a Very Good Thing.

I’m not sure why because I never feel the need to watch the film but should that weird itch need scratching, I have this video to assuage it in no time flat, allowing me to get on my life …

Here’s to YouTube user Cas van de Pol who even manages to include an extended Simba and Nala sex scene, according to Nerdist.

Can’t remember that from the original? Hmm, maybe it wasn’t there but it is now and it is, like the whole animated feast that is this video, simply glorious.

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