So many worlds: You can laugh through all of them with new sci-fi comedy Tripped

The multiverse with a surreal grin: Blake Harrison and George Webster star in Tripped (image via Den of Geek (c) E4)
The multiverse with a surreal grin: Blake Harrison and George Webster star in Tripped (image via Den of Geek (c) E4)


The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison stars in E4’s mind-bending new comedy drama as Danny, an average 24-year-old who has been friends with stoner Milo (newcomer George Webster) since they were kids. Danny decides it’s time to grow up, settle down and marry long-term girlfriend Kate (BAFTA Award winner Georgina Campbell). But his life plans are put on hold when he and Milo find themselves tripping to various parallel universes…where they encounter different versions of themselves – and a deadly assassin. (synopsis via Geektown)

We’ve all seen the Very Serious Side of the Multiverse, the idea that there are infinite variations of Earth out there, all mostly the same but not quite, what with Fringe, The Flash, the Star Trek franchise and multiple other TV shows all investigating what can happen when good earths turn bad and vice versa.

What we haven’t seen so much of are the comedy possibilities inherent in the idea that in one universe you’re a truck driver, in another a famous pop star; that here on the Earth we know and mostly love that your grandma is pushing up daisies while in another she’s still cooking up a storm like she always did.

Tripped from Britain’s E4 aims to rectify that oversight in a big way with two lifelong friends going all out, reluctantly at first for one of them at least, to see what happens when you can go to any version of your Earth you’d like to – is it all beer-and-skittles or is reality just as snarky in parallels versions of your life?

And in the case of a trailing assassin, a whole lot more deadly?

You’ll laugh (a lot), you’ll cry, you’ll possibly run in fear … and you might even wonder why the hell alternate you got THAT haircut?

Tripped premieres TODAY, 8 December (yes TODAY) at 10pm on E3 in the UK.


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