So much wine, Cougar Town, so much wine … and laughter-filled promos

TBS is doing a formidable job promoting Cougar Town’s return to TV in January. Well done guys!


In my last post I made mention of the wonderful job that the BBC was doing promoting the upcoming Dr Who Christmas special, “The Snowmen”.

Well another group of PR professionals more than earning their keep are the talented team at TBS who are going all out to make sure everyone, not just the dedicated fans, know that one of the funniest sitcoms on TV, Cougar Town, is coming back to our screens … and soon!

(January 8 in the USA just in case you want to set your PVR waaaay in advance.)

Now TBS realises that many potential viewers may not be up to speed on the first three seasons so they have provided a handy dandy featurette to fill in all the missing details and it comes complete with a vat-load of interviews with the various cast members.

Almost as much fun as the show.




We also get to meet the new writers – not entirely sure if they’re real or fake but hey, they’re funny so I will happily go along with it – Brad  and Emily, who even have their own nifty, adorably cheesy, retro theme song.

In this fun-filled video, they get to meet the gorgeous Josh Hopkins who plays Grayson Ellis, love interest to the head of the cul-de-sac crew, Jules (Courteney Cox).

And he can sing.

And play guitar.

I may just join Emily in being a little bit, or a lot, in love with him.



And in this hilarious, and very pink promo video, the fabulous Busy Philipps (Laurie Keller), explains what Cougar Town is all about.

Assuming you watch the video, which of course you won’t be able to do unless you’re reading this blog post.

Which you are right?

Right. Good. Be prepared to be enlightened … and want to drink some red wine NOW.



But she’s not the only one making sure you have the right idea about this hilarious show.

Courteney Cox (Jules) steps up the plate to explain why what you thought isn’t what you should be thinking.

About Cougar Town anyway.

As for all those other thoughts you’re having, you should be ashamed.

Or delighted.

Whatever they are.



And oh yes, and may I present two very funny 11 second promo video I have included in a previous post but it’s so much grape-filled fun (there’s that word again!) that I had to include it again.

Remember to watch Cougar Town.

With red wine.

And large foam pads to buttress your soon-to-be-aching sides.

From all the laughing.

Trust me it will happen and you would do well to be prepared.

Just saying.




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