Someone get the man a calendar! Superstore S3 debuts featurette

(image via Spoiler TV (c) NBC)


Superstore is one of those little-engine-that-could sitcoms that often flies under the radar, dependably delivering up ratings without ever really setting the criticasl world on fire.

Granted, it’s not, nor will it ever be a Frasier or an All in the Family classic but it is definitely a cut above your usual mindless sitcom, possessing a fantastically malleable “situation” (the “sit” of sitcom), a diverse and quirky assemblage of characters who for all their idiosyncrasies have real depth and emotional substance, a gently satirical narrative that has a fine time poking fun at big box store capitalism.

The upshot is that you end not just laughing but actually caring about these characters, a key requirement if you’re going to stick around for the long haul with any sitcom.

Superstore is back for its third season on the Peacock Network, fresh from the store being trashed by a – SPOILER ALERT! – tornado and ready for the grand reopening. Which is, ahem, when exactly?

Oh yeah the 28th, which is not the day FYI that you’re supposed to turn up and begin getting ready. Yup, someone needs a calendar!

As do you, so you don’t miss the Superstore‘s season 3 premiere on NBC, 28 September at 8pm.



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