Squared Away: Clever short film pays affectionate homage to the cartoons of The Far Side

(image via Laughing Squid (c) Bruton Stroube Studios)


Director Tim Wilson is a huge fan of The Far Side and wanted to bring a couple of the comics to life. So he assembled the team at Bruton Stroube and after many hours of reading through old Far Side books they landed on their two favorite comics. The idea in the videos is to show the moments that lead up to the punchline. (via Laughing Squid)

Like many people, including Tim Wilson, the director of the brilliantly imaginative short film, Squared Away, my love of Gary Larson‘s The Far Side runs far and deep.

Incredibly clever cartoons that skewered the many absurdities and oddities of life with insight, robust humour and a beguiling sense of the silly, The Far Side is essentially a series of witty, highly memorable punchlines.



So well-written are they that the lead up really isn’t needed but I am so very happy that Wilson and the team at St. Louis creative house Bruton Stroube Studios decided to imagine what the steps leading up to the punchline of two of Larson’s most well-loved cartoons (see below) might be.

They have nailed it and with the same economy of style and wit that have made The Far Side an enduring favourite.

(cartoon courtesy Universal Press Syndicate)


(cartoon courtesy Universal Press Syndicate)

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