Stay between the lines: Games of Thrones and Outlander colouring books are on their way

(image via EW (c) Bantam)
(image via EW (c) Bantam)


In case you missed it, adult colouring books are IN.

With a host of benefits ranging from switching creative gears and the increased productivity that results to simply getting in touch with your inner child, lots of very grown up people including someone you probably know, are getting their coloured markers out and filling in-between the sophisticated patterned lines.

So it makes perfect sense that someone, in their infinite pop-culture loving wisdom, has decided that fans of the TV shows Game of Thrones and Outlander should have their own colouring books, to while away the hours between seasons, which in the new brave world of shorter seasons can be lengthy indeed.

The books, published by Bantam, will contain 45 black and white drawings each, giving you the chance to paint these two exquisitely-realised fictional worlds in any colour of your choosing.

In fact, Bantam urges you, in the case of the Game of Thrones colouring book at least, to imagine “a world where weddings are red, fire is green, and debts are paid in gold.”

Or purple, magenta and a nifty shade of red – your call.

Both books will be out on October 27 giving you just enough time to get your crayons primed.


Outlander (image via EW (c) Bantam)
Outlander (image via EW (c) Bantam)


Colouring books Game of Thrones 1


Game of Thrones (image via EW (c) Bantam)
Game of Thrones (image via EW (c) Bantam)
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