Swirly vague ideas made real: Watch the final table read for The Good Place

(image (c) NBC)

There is no doubt The Good Place was, and will always remain, a very special TV show.

Just how special is articulated beautifully by creator Mike Schur who begins the table read of the final two episodes or chapters of the show with as eloquent, poetic and heartfelt a tribute as you are ever likely to hear.

He thanks each of the main actors – Kristen Bell (Eleanor), D’Arcy Carden (Janet), William Jackson Harper (Chidi), Manny Jacinto (Jason), Jameela Jamil (Tahani), Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn), and Ted Danson (Michael) – for taking “swirly, vague ideas” and “making them real”, beautifully reminding everyone that while The Good Place landmark place in TV feels inevitable, it has only become that way because of the actors he is thanking.

It is quite simply one of the loveliest goodbyes to a show I’ve ever seen, a show which I might add also possesses one of the finest and most poignant finales ever, which is only fitting given how utterly imaginative and transcendent it was throughout its short but movingly hilarious run.

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