“Oh you shouldn’t have!” Miranda Hart and David Walliams teach you how to graciously accept your gifts

  We’ve all been there on Christmas morning. You are given a brightly-wrapped present from a clearly thrilled and excited family member, and thrilled, yes thrilled (!) at what exciting treasure may lie ahead, you rip off the ribbons and paper (yes I am a destructive present opener) and find Continue Reading

On the 10th day of Christmas … I watched “A Simple Christmas” (The Middle S2, E10)

  It’s an oft heard lament that the real meaning of Christmas has been lost under a tsunami of mindless gift giving, with the average person more concerned with what they’re getting than what they’re giving. The Middle decided to tackle that sentiment in their season 2 festive episode, “A Continue Reading

On the 7th day of Christmas 2013 … I watched “Tis the season to be murdered” (Hart to Hart, S2 E5)

  “Oh Jonathan! What a lovely day. This is going to be the best Christmas ever.” And with those words, Jennifer Hart (Stefanie Powers), who by this stage in season 2 of Hart to Hart (1980) should know better, dooms the Harts to another festive season littered with murder and mayhem. Continue Reading


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