The zombies are back in (what’s left of the) town! Trailers and release dates for Fear the Walking Dead and TWD: World Beyond

Uncertainty thy name is COVID-19. One of the many side effects of the pandemic has been the way it has upended all kinds of schedules and plans, including which TV shows would land on our favourite streaming platforms and when (or, even if they could be made now at all), Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “Leave What You Don’t” (S5, E13 review)

SPOILERS AHEAD … AND OILY ZOMBIES, REGRET AND LOSS AND SOCIOPATHS ON HORSEBACK … “Oh, the humanity!” First uttered by reporter “Herb” Morrison as he watched in horror as the Hindenburg burned on 6 May, 1937, taking 36 lives with it, this expression is normally associated with lamentation and sadness. Continue Reading


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