New zombies! Fear the Walking Dead (season 7) and World Beyond (season 2) SDCC 2021 reveals

You have to hand it to The Walking Dead franchise. If it wasn’t bad enough having the dead walking around you and wanting to chow down you at every opportunity, now survivors have to contend with an irradiated wasteland (Fear the Walking Dead) or being stuck between a destroyed home Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “Damage From the Inside” (S6, E7 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “The Sky is a Graveyard” (S1, E8 review)

SPOILERS AHEAD … AND SURVIVOR WEIRDNESS ON A THOROUGHLY CREEPY SCALE … Getting stuck in the middle of the zombie apocalypse *and* losing everyone you love would go a long way to sending you way off the scales of workable sanity, right? Right. Just ask Ed (Raphael Sbarge) who has Continue Reading

The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Truth or Dare” (S1, E7 review) + Fear the Walking Dead: “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg” (S6, E6 review)

THE WALKING DEAD: THE WORLD BEYOND SPOILERS AHEAD … AND AN ART GALLERY IN A TRUCK AND LYING FOR GOOD REASONS … Who doesn’t love a light and unburdened soul? Let’s face it, most of us will choose spilling the truth, if only to make ourselves feel better and perhaps Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “Honey” (S6, E5 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Shadow Puppets” (S1, E6 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD … AND THE WORST MASK PARTY *EVER* … Life is woefully short on fairytales. That’s even more the case in the zombie apocalypse where the scarcity of happy-ever-afters and princesses finding and kissing their princes (or princesses) is all too apparent. So, you have Continue Reading


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