Fear the Walking Dead: “Things Bad Begun” / “Sleigh Ride” (S3, E13 & E14 review)

  SPOILERS AHEAD … AND A GREAT BIG HELPING OF PARADISE LOST … Being a doublebanger finale, “Things Bad Begun” / “Sleigh Ride” was always going to be an epic, grand, monstrously big, finish to the exceptionally robust and compelling storytelling of Fear the Walking Dead. And so it proved, Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “La Serpiente” (S3, E11 review)

  SPOILERS AHEAD … AND THE BASEST PARTS OF HUMANITY, BOTH COLORECTAL AND OF THE SOUL … “La Serpiente” was a really shitty episode. No, I mean, really … shit everywhere as Madison (Kim Dickens), Victor (Colman Domingo) and Qaletaqa Walker (Michael Greyeyes) followed the shhhhh! super-secret squirrel route into Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “Minotaur” / “Diviner” (S3, E9 & E10 review)

  SPOILERS AHEAD … AND SOME TECTONIC SHIFTS IN POWER … AND SHOPPING …YES SHOPPING  From the beginning – both of the show and the apocalypse it so brilliantly documents – Fear the Walking Dead has excelled at exploring what humanity is like under stress. I mean, extreme, world-ending, civilisation-collapsing, Continue Reading


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