The brilliance of Ted Lasso and the written word + interviews with the show’s stars

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Ted Lasso allows the absurdity of the characters to play out in front of us and allows characters to make contained logical choices and see it actually played out in the reality the show has created…Lasso’s writers are very economical about how and what they write and don’t let anything go to waste. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Watching Ted Lasso this year has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.

Buoyed and encouraged by countless online reviews and hearty recommendations from friends, Ted Lasso was presented as a smarty, funny, clever, affecting show and so it has proved to be, one of the smartest and well-written sitcoms I’ve seen in some time.

Quite how clever it is is examined in this video from Richard Kuras and Dan Smiley of Nerdstalgic who note that the show’s focus on characters above all else means it can execute the kind of comedy that other shows simply can’t manage.

At its heart is a charming absurdity which in other hands might feel flippant or playing for cheap laughs, but which, because of Ted Lasso’s elevation of character above all else, feels substantial, supremely funny and profoundly moving at times.

While you know you like something, it’s often when you watch a literate and charming examination of show like the one put together by Nerdstalgic about Ted Lasso that you come to understand why it is that this sitcome has lodged itself in your heart and while you love so much and feel so deeply.

You can read my reviews of season one and season two of Ted Lasso.


It’s always fun to watch actors from a show getting interviewed! Especially in a show like Ted Lasso where character is king and queen and any other type of monarch that springs to mind.

So, for your “that’s who they are in real life” pleasure, here are Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton, Juno Temple as Keeley Jones, Brett Goldstein who plays Roy Kent, Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard and Jason Sudeikis who plays the eponymous character …

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