Telly’s screaming? Ernie’s abstract? They are but it’s all the name of art #SesameStreet

Ernie and Piet Mondrian (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


You may or may not have come across, depending on your social media exposure, an app that allows you to find out which person from famous works of art you most represent?

Known as Google’s Culture & Art app, it’s a lot of silly fun that gives you a giggle and not much else since the visual similarities are dubious at best.

Sesame Street, ever in tune with the zeitgeist, has decide to have some fun of their own with the idea, comparing some of our favourite with their own take on well-known artworks.

The results are, quite predictably, a joy, both visually and pun-wise and really exceed any satisfaction you might get from Culture and Art app-ing yourself by a considerable margin.

Trust Sesame Street to once again take a cool if ephemeral trend and paint rings around the originator …

(source: Sesame Street – official Twitter account)


Oscar and Jackson Pollock (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


Telly and Edvard Munch (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


Cookie Monster and Grant Wood (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


Abby and Leonardo da Vinci (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


Elmo and Leonardo da Vinci (image via Twitter (c) Sesame Workshop)


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