That’s the way we play Game of Thrones: Wil Wheaton’s hilariously inspired take on the show’s title sequence

(image via YouTube)
(image via YouTube)


For a man who is likely the last person on Earth to have not watched any episodes of The Game of Thrones, I have managed in just one week to feature not one but two enormously clever clips referencing this zeitgeist-bestriding show.

In this case, it’s an inordinately clever re-tooling of Games of Thrones title sequence by one Wil Wheaton (Star Trek Next Generation, The Big Bang Theory) who rightly says that the show’s existing opening credits are “one of the greatest title sequences in the history of television.”

But as he also points out, while the existing sequence does an admirably thorough job of taking you on a sweeping tour of the houses and lands of Westeros, it doesn’t really give much of an idea of the complicated web of connections between the various characters vying for power and influence among the seven kingdoms.

So on his new geektastic show The Wil Wheaton Project on syfy, he decided to do something about it, crafting a whole new title sequence that takes its inspiration from a ’70s shows we all know and love, The Brady Bunch.

Now while there was generally a great deal less incest, bloodletting and general bastardry on The Brady Bunch than on The Game of Thrones, a playful tweaking of the former show’s theme song does an impressive job of explaining the twisted, spider webby relationships between the players on the often bloody fields of Westeros.

And it’s just plain funny!

If you don’t agree, well we can’t help but agree with Cnet, which alerted to this inspired piece of title re-sequencing, who finished their piece by saying:

“… and anyone who disagrees will find their head on a spike. Because that’s the way we all play the Game of Thrones.”



And for some extra Game of Thrones goodness, watch as Lena Headey who plays the hard-drinking, insult-slinging Cersei Lannister on the show getting the better of Jimmy Kimmel as they engage in some insult trading over goblets of wine, with Headey completely and winningly in character.

You can read the full report at Cnet.

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