The answer is always YES: Words of wisdom from Cookie Monster’s Joy of Cookies book

(cover art via EW (c) Sesame Workshop/Imprint)


Life can be a tad tricky to navigate at times.

Oh who are we kidding? It can be freaking impossible much of the time, and so, we look to those with wisdom, experience, special insights and well-earned truth to guide us.

As figures of authority go, you can’t do much better than Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster, who knows a thing or two about making life a whole lot easier to get through, especially if, like him, you are more than partial to a cookie or two (or the whole packet; go on you know that’s what you end up eating).

In his advice-packed new book from Imprint, The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life, we are given sugar-filled (or nuts, you can have nuts too if you want) advice on all kinds of tricky life issues, all of it inspired by a recent commercial Cookie Monster did for Apple.



As you can see, it’s wisdom for the ages.

As long, of course, during those ages, you have access to eggs, butter, flour and all kinds of delicious add-ins such as chocolate chips or, yes, nuts.

With a cookie in your mouth, it’s way easier to duck and weave through the various slings and arrows of misfortune that befall us in life, and to celebrate all the good times too.

Does Cookie Monster have his blue furry finger on the pulse of life? Yes he does.

Is this book a must-buy purchase come April 2018. Like you even need to ask.

Now stop wondering what to do next, grab a cookie (or the whole packet) and hit the road, confident that all you need is Cookie Monster’s expert advice to get you through.

(source: EW)


(image via EW (c) Sesame Workshop/Imprint)


(image via EW (c) Sesame Workshop/Imprint)


(image via EW (c) Sesame Workshop/Imprint)

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